Service Overview

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Supply Services:

  • Automotive Gas Oil (A.G.O) - Diesel
  • Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) - Petrol
  • Dual Purpose Kerosine (DPK)
  • Jet A1 Fuel (Aviation Fuel)
  • Low Pour Fuel Oil (LFPO)
  • Bitumen
  • Dispensing Pumps and Accessories.

Marine Services

We provide full turnkey solutions to the Marine industry, which offers our clients a variety of services to choose from. Our certified professionals, marine engineers and approved equipment not only meet international standards but adhere strictly to industry and OCIMF standards.

Our range of services include the following:

    Ship-to-Ship Operations
    Charter Services
    Security, Crew, Tug boats & Other Support Craft Hire
    Procurement of Marine Equipment
    Marine Logistics
    Consultation & Training

Transportation Services

  • Over 80 Petrol Tankers of various sizes ranging from 13800 litres to 60000 litres capacity for land delivery of petroleum products.
  • 1,500T Self Propel Barge, 440.48T and 500T Fuel Barges respectively for Marine Supply.

Environmental Services

The key areas of our environmental and chemical consultants include:

  • Sludge and pipeline pigging treatmentOil
  • spillage control
  • Stack testing
  • Water treatment
  • Bio-remediation
  • Environmental impact assessment (base line and post impact studies)
  • Air pollution control
  • Solid, Hazardous and municipal waste management
  • Underground water monitoring/flow direction evaluation
  • Waste management
  • Drilling of environmental/monitoring well.

Ancillary Services

  • Shop drawing review and modification
  • Computer Aided Design Services
  • Electrical installation and instrumentation

Besides the obvious and natural concern for soundness of works and maintenance of high standards, the company maintains an ultra strict control on SAFETY AND SAFETY MEASURE.

Civil Engineering Services

  • Building design and construction
  • Road rehabilitation and construction
  • Land fill design and construction
  • Site survey and development
  • Design and construction of movable and fixed bridge and walkways.

Electrical Engineering Services

  • Rural Electrification
  • Low voltage installation in commercial, industrial and domestic buildings
  • Telephone installation
  • Fire alarm detection system
  • High voltage installations

Mechanical Engineering Services

  • Water well drilling, servicing and water distribution network
  • Water treatment equipment services
  • Fabrication of mechanical component
  • Design, fabrication and field erection of steel tanks
  • Design, fabrication and erection of warehouse steel structure
  • Machine shop services

Procurement Services

With our overseas partners and principals, we can supply, install and train users personnel in a wide range of engineering and science products we market, supply and lease.  The

  • Water well drilling rigs
  • Water treatment plants
  • Irrigation equipment
  • Safety and fire fighting equipment/materials
  • Incinerators for clinical waste, industrial waste, municipal waste, sludge and hazardous waste
  • Scrubbers and air pollution control equipment
  • Marine vessels, barges, boats, tug boats and accessories
  • Environmental modeling and monitoring equipment
  • Chemical injection systems
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Machinery and plant hiring and sales
  • Submersible pumps and irrigation equipment
  • Gas turbines, steam engines and reciprocating equipment
  • Water treatment chemicals

Besides the obvious and natural concern for soundness of works and maintenance of high standards.

Equipment Leasing

We also possess the capacity to provide logistic support for firms engaging in varying engineering works from road construction to oil servicing. We provide equipment ranging from dump trucks, mixers, pay loaders and excavators to dredgers to oil hammers.


  • 15 Units of 60000 litre Petrol Tankers
  • 20 Units of 45,000 litre Petrol Tankers;
  • 25 Units of 33,000 litre Petrol Tankers;
  • 20 Units of 30,000 litre Petrol Tankers;
  • 5 Units of 13,800 litre Petrol Tankers;
  • 1,500T Self-Propel Barge;
  • 850T Dump Barge;
  • 500T Fuel Barge;
  • Fuel Barge;
  • 1,000 H.P. Tug Boat;
  • 700 H.P. Tug Boat;
  • Over 40 dump trucks

Storage Facility

As one of the leading Independent Petroleum Marketing companies with over twenty (20) outlets (filling stations) across Nigeria, our storage capacity include:

1. Underground Tank Storage:

  • PMS - 2000,000 litres
  • AGO - 2,000,000 litres
  • DPK - 2,000,000 litres

2. Floating Storage (AGO only) - 5,000,000 litres (barge)

The quantity given is based on average stock per month.



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